Our Vision

~ Vision ~

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading education service provider and to accomplish this, we are contributing to our country through Excellence in Pre-Engineering & Pre-Medical Entrance Examination

Core Values

Our main objective is to provide quality education and the latest teaching strategies to our students.

Our Special Features

Our purpose is to build solutions that remove barriers preventing people from doing their best work, and this is at the heart.
STR (Student Teacher Ratio):
We at ADHYAYAN provide low student teacher ratio so that personal attention can given to each student for better teaching experience.
Relevant Study Material:
Updated study material would be provided to students with lucid explanation of Concepts are relevant examples.
Maximum Study Hours:
believe that merely explaining
the concept doesn't help studying to crack such a competitive exam, so in addition we provide maximum teaching sessions so that student practice and clear most of his/her doubt in the classroom only there by DPM (Daily Program Monitoring) is possible.
Regular Evaluation:
Regular Weekly (WT) and monthly
tests (MT) are taken so students are readily evaluated. In addition to this there is a complete feel of course
(FCT) which gives students feel of actual exam.
Integrated Study With Coverage Of Board Syllabus:
Separated batches would be made for board students and proper attention is given for completion of board syllabus for each semester. Special assignments are given related to board syllabus for home work.
Parent Communication:
In order to ensure greater transparency the parents are communicated by mail or sms about every tests schedule, student's performance and overall analysis. In every term PTM (Parent teacher's meet) is conducted 3-4 times for overall benefit of the students.
Doubt Discussion Session:
Regular doubt discussion one to one sessions are held with prior discussion with students. Even special timings are given after each class foe solving of their doubts.
How can I make a change to my application?
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Academic Management:
Ayayan would also conduct $SS (student satisfaction survey) which would ensure students grievances and problems related to any academic or non academic part which can be taken
care of
Test Series:
A specially programmed test series would be given to students to provide a scenario of the competition.

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