National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a two-tiered national scholarship programme in India that seeks to identify and recognise children with exceptional intellectual and academic abilities.
It is one of India’s most prestigious exams.
Every year, almost 1,500,000 students take the scholarship exam. Students of Indian nationality are eligible to participate in the programme. Students in Class X are the only ones who are eligible to participate in the selection procedure. It is widely recognised by the Government of India as the toughest and most prestigious high school test in the country because it is organised by an official entity (NCERT).

National level Examination

Students who qualifies first stage are eligible to appear for the national level examination (about top 4000+ students from the entire country). The national level
examination has two parts for nominating the required number of candidates. Students studying overseas but are Indian citizens can participate in NTSE second
stage directly.

Part-I: Mental Ability Test (MAT) + Language (English / Local Language)

Part-II: Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)


I Level exam for Std X

SAT: The syllabus for Mathematics, Science and Social Science will be broadly based on the prescribed respective State Board Syllabus from Std 9th – 10th class. Few
states like Kerala refer both state board and NCERT books while few states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh ask questions primarily from their state board books.
MAT: General questions Language: state board books covers a lot. More focus is on vocabulary, grammar and basic understanding, In 2013 – 14 Language in first
stage is of qualifying nature only, From 2013-14 there would be negative marking in NTSE second stage.

II Level exam for Std X

NCERT has announced new pattern for stage 2 exam

Mental Ability test: 50 questions 50 marks, Language test : 40 questions 40 marks, Scholastic Aptitude test : 100 questions 100 marks ( 40 q from Science, 20 q from maths, 40 q from SST), SAT: The mathematics and science questions will be asked from the chapters in the syllabus of class 10th.The social science questions will be
asked from class 10th.


The students who qualifies second stage are eligible for scholarship. The amount of scholarship has been enhanced to Rs.500/- per month for all the students and
starts immediately after the result. IN case students have not received the letter from NCERT after 5 weeks of the declaration of the result, they should contact
NCERT for updates. The scholarship is expected to increase up to 4k-5k in next few years. There are no restrictions like parental income, govt school, domicile etc. In
case student visit abroad for studies the payment of scholarship will stop.


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