Class 7

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Class 7

Students of Gujarat Board or GSEB Class 7 can get a personalized learning program at Adhyayan, the top eLearning platform. The program is designed as per the requirements of students. Adhyayan believes in providing quality education and therefore, it constantly updates the study material as per the latest Gujarat Board syllabus. Along with the study material, there are several other features such as detailed analysis, expert support, etc which helps in developing the overall skills of students of GSEB Class 7. Students can analyze their performance on Adhyayan and take experts’ help in case of any doubt.

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Our main objective is to provide quality education and the latest teaching strategies to our students.

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IntelliBrain Programmes

ADHYAYAN IntelliBrain is a collection of edutaining programmes aimed to promote a child’s imaginative mind set and reasoning ability from Class HKG to 8th.

Workbooks for Building IQ

For Class 6 to 10
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Live Digital Classes

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STEM Activity Boxes

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Pre-Nurture And Career Foundation

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Excellence In Academics

Academic excellence is defined as the ability to perform, achieve, and/or succeed in academic pursuits.


Aptitude refers to a person's innate capacity to pick up a new skill fast and effortlessly. We're all familiar with the concept of aptitude.


Exposure to various aspects of the world around us helps to dream big.


Some abilities come naturally to humans, while others must be learned.

Language Proficiency

Effective use of language is very important to get yourself noticed and well recognized in the society

Cultivating Indian Values

Cultivation of INDIAN values in a child is also an 'Education of its own kind'

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